Kentucky Living: Schools Learn Energy Efficiency

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The new math formula in Kentucky schools these days is E2, for Energy Efficiency. Scott Lewis, superintendent of Hancock County Public Schools in western Kentucky, says, “Saving energy can start with simple things like turning off computer monitors at night. We’ve changed to high-efficiency hand dryers in the restrooms instead of using paper towels. A […]

The News-Herald: Energy Program Saves School District Nearly $500,000

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TRENTON — Three years into an energy conservation program the school district has saved almost a half million dollars. The district signed up with Saving Energy with Energy Education Inc., in October 2006. The district has one more year to go with the company. The 19 percent savings it has seen to date amounts to […]

Times Union: Troy Schools Cut Energy Costs

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TROY — The city school district reported that it has achieved nearly $650,000 in energy savings.     Michael Carroll, the district’s energy management supervisor, said the cost savings were realized between March 2008 and March 2009. “We’ve made extra efforts to control energy usage in every area and as a result we have reduced district […]

Stillwater NewsPress: Rotarians Learn About Program at OSU That Saves Energy, Money

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Electronic gadgets already account for about 15% of household electric consumption, a share that is rising rapidly as the number of these gadgets multiplies. Last year, the world spent $80 billion on electricity to power all these household electronics. Oklahoma State University Physical Plant Director Rick Krysiak told the Stillwater Rotary Club that he faced […]

Stillwater NewsPress: OSU Adjusts Energy Usage, Saves Millions

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Not known to be a rocker, Rick S. Krysiak, Jr., director of Oklahoma State University Physical Plant Services, loves green day. The kind of green days associated with sustainability at Oklahoma State University, that is. Day to day application of sustainability predominantly falls upon the shoulders of Krysiak and his staff. According to Krysiak, his […]

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